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Isn’t it time you got rid of that old truck in your driveway? Make room for a new vehicle by selling your old one to Pick Your Part in Greenville, NC for cash. Call for a free quote today, and we’ll pick up your old truck or SUV for you.

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How to Sell My Junk Truck for Cash in Greenville, NC

Sell Your Old Truck or SUV Pick Your Part in Greenville makes getting a fat check for your junk truck simple. Get started by filling out the form online or giving us a call to get your instant quote. As soon as we have all of your information, like your name, vehicle address, and a pick-up time and date, we’ll head your way to cart away your old SUV or truck. Once your scheduled pick-up time arrives, we’ll look your vehicle over one final time and hand you a check. Getting cash for your old junker truck in Greenville has never been simpler! Sell Your Car

Why Sell Your Old Junk Truck for Cash in Greenville, NC?

When we look at buying a used truck or SUV in Greenville, we’re not picky. Whether it’s water, hail, or fire damage; the engine blew up; it was totaled in an accident; or the repairs aren’t worth the cost of the vehicle, it can be a perfect candidate for the Pick Your Part salvage lot! We’ve seen a lot in our years of service, from pickups pummeled by golf-ball-sized hail to junked SUVs decades past their prime.

No matter if your truck or SUV will ever run again, there may still be plenty of functioning parts that can keep other vehicles alive and on the road. It’s time to turn those old truck or SUV parts into cash by selling your vehicle to your local Greenville Pick Your Part.

What Parts of My Old Truck or SUV Does Pick Your Part in Greenville, NC Salvage?

With Pick Your Part, your vehicle is prepped for salvaging and placed in our Greenville, NC scrapyard with similar vehicles, which means the salvaging is left to our customers. Minus the fluids, almost every component on your truck or SUV can be salvaged.

No matter what shape it’s in, nearly every vehicle can still have some value. Screws, bolts, engine parts, hoses, wires, exhaust parts, door handles — we could go on and on. That rusty truck or old SUV of yours might not be super valuable to you, but it could have the exact part another driver in Greenville, NC is looking for!

Why Is Greenville Pick Your Part Different?

Pick Your Part in North Carolina is more than just a scrapyard with old cars. We ensure our salvage lot is clean and organized by vehicle make and model, which means your used vehicle already has a designated spot on our lot before we’ve even picked it up.

After we’ve bought your old vehicle, we take extra care to get it ready for salvaging so other drivers can find the parts they need to keep their vehicles going. We believe your old truck or SUV deserves a more honorable ending than rusting in your driveway or an impound. Give your old vehicle a second life by calling Pick Your Part in Greenville, NC today for a free quote.

Call Pick Your Part in Greenville and Get Rid of Your Old Truck or SUV Today!

You’re tired of looking at that old truck or SUV — and your neighbors probably are as well! Now is the time to finally get rid of that old truck or SUV and get some real cash for it! Just call your nearest Pick Your Part in Greenville, NC to get a free quote. We make getting rid of your old truck or SUV simple. Head down to your local scrapyard in Greenville, or get a free quote to see the value of your old truck or SUV. Even if your old vehicle isn’t ready for the road, we'll come to where you are to pick it up and get you paid!

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