Get Cash for Your Old Truck or SUV in Wichita, KS

That old truck isn't doing any good sitting in your driveway. Why not sell it for cash in Wichita, KS? When you’re ready to swap your old truck or SUV for money, call your local Pick Your Part for a free quote.

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How to Sell Your Old SUV or Truck for Cash in Wichita, KS

Sell Your Old Truck or SUV Pick Your Part in Wichita makes getting a fat check for your junk truck simple. Get started by filling out the form online or giving us a call to get your instant quote. As soon as we have all of your information, like your name, vehicle address, and a pick-up time and date, we’ll come to you to haul off your old vehicle. We’ll give your truck or SUV a final going-over at your scheduled pick up time and hand you a check. Getting paid for your old truck in Wichita has never been easier! Sell Your Car

Why Pick Your Part in Wichita, KS Is the Best Place to Sell Your Old Truck

When we look at buying a used truck or SUV in Wichita, we’re not picky. Whether it’s water, hail, or fire damage; the engine blew up; it was totaled in an accident; or the repairs aren’t worth the cost of the vehicle, it can be a perfect candidate for the Pick Your Part salvage lot! We’ve just about seen everything — and bought everything — from SUVs pelted with hail the size of golf balls to old pickups that haven’t touched pavement in decades.

Whether your vehicle runs or not, there can still be plenty of working components that can keep other vehicles alive and on the road. Put those working parts to good use and get cash while you’re at it by selling to Pick Your Part in Wichita, KS.

What Truck and SUV Parts Does Pick Your Part Salvage in Wichita, KS?

Pick Your Part is responsible for preparing your vehicle for salvaging and then stocking it on our Wichita, KS scrapyard, which means the salvaging is left to our customers. And apart from the fluids, practically everything on your truck or SUV can be reused.

No matter its condition, any old or junked vehicle can still hold value. Seats, transmission parts, doors, mirrors, engine parts, hoses, clamps, rods, springs, screws — the list goes on and on. That rusty truck or old SUV of yours may not be worth much to you, but it could have exactly what someone else in Wichita, KS needs!

What Makes Pick Your Part In Wichita Different?

Pick Your Part in Wichita, KS is more than just a scrapyard with old cars. We keep our lots carefully organized by the make and model of each vehicle, which means your used vehicle already has a designated spot on our lot before we’ve even picked it up.

After we’ve bought your old vehicle, we take extra care to get it ready for salvaging to make it easy for other drivers to find the right parts to keep their vehicles going. We feel your old truck or SUV needs a more noble ending than collecting dust on your property or getting crushed at an impound lot. Give the parts on your old truck a second chance by getting a free quote on your vehicle from Pick Your Part in Wichita, KS.

Are You Ready to Get Paid for That Old Truck or SUV? Call Pick Your Part in Wichita!

You’re done looking at that rusty old truck or SUV in your driveway — and trust us, so are your neighbors. It’s time to get that old junker off your property and get some real cash for it! All it takes is a quick call to Pick Your Part in Wichita, KS. We make getting rid of your old truck or SUV simple. Visit our local Wichita salvage lot, or get a free quote to see the value of your old truck or SUV. If your junk truck isn't running anymore, we’ll pick up your truck or SUV wherever it is and make sure you get paid!

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