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Tired of dumping your hard-earned cash into that old beat-up car or truck? With Pick Your Part in Washington Park, IL, restore your peace of mind by letting us take that junker off your hands! In return, we'll hand you a fat check!

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How Do I Know It’s Time to Sell My Old Car in Washington Park, IL

Sell Your Old Car Just like moving on from your high school varsity football glory days, sometimes it's difficult to make the decision to let go of your old car. If you're unsure about "Should I sell my old car or keep it?", consider a few things. Are you able to drive the car in Washington Park right now, or does it need substantial repairs? Depending on the car's age, some repairs, such as head gaskets, the transmission, and more can be far more costly than they're worth. Even hail damage can do a number on your wallet. Sell Your Car

You should also consider whether or not you plan to take your car for cruises around Washington Park. Is it rusting away, destined to disintegrate? Could cash in your pocket do something more useful, like that vacation you've been putting off? Sell your old car for cash in Washington Park, IL and take back your garage and yard.

Places to Sell an Old Car in Washington Park, IL

Sometimes, the best way to sell an old car is to sell it to people like us — we’re happy to take it off your hands as is, whether that’s Clean out your garage and get rid of that old car No creepy interactions with strangers on online marketplaces are necessary.

We make it easy to sell your old car in Washington Park, IL, any day of the week. Pick up the phone and give us a ring, or head online to get an instant quote. If you like the look of our top-dollar offer, we'll verify the information and schedule a time for pick-up. Once we're at your Washington Park door, we'll do a quick inspection and pay you on the spot. You can sit back and relax while we haul off your clunker. Maybe you’ll be inspired to get rid of that old, lumpy recliner next.

Why Should You Sell Your Old Car to PYP in Washington Park?

With 30+ years of experience in the industry, PYP leads North American efforts in recycling unwanted vehicles. We've been around the block more times than that old junker in your garage, so we know a thing or two about how to sell an old vehicle. We help you get more bang for your buck by bypassing middlemen and working closely with our own car recycler. Then those savings get passed to you when we purchase your old car in Washington Park, IL! Letting go of your old car may be hard, but the cash in your pocket will make it easier.

From the leftover oil and gas to the tires and mercury switches, Pick Your Part in Washington Park, IL responsibly recycles everything! Salvageable parts are sold to car lovers working on their own projects, and then we recycle unusable parts per Illinois guidelines. Each and every piece of your old car will be handled with care and gifted a new life — whether that's helping an enthusiast bring their dream car back to life or a metal can someone drinks their favorite soda from.

So stop wondering, "where's the best place to sell an unwanted vehicle." Call Pick Your Part in Washington Park, IL for a no-obligation quote, and have cash in your pocket today!

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