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Tired of looking at that clunker every day? Sell it to Pick Your Part at 155 Roberts Rd.! We buy junk cars for cash, recycle the auto parts, and sell them for reuse. Get an instant quote for your old car in Fayetteville, GA.

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Junked or Totaled — Roberts Rd PYP Buys Old Cars in Fayetteville, GA

Got a junker sitting on concrete blocks in your garage? Was your car totaled in an accident? You can let your wrecked car or elderly ride continue to collect dust — or you can sell it to Pick Your Part at 155 Roberts Rd.. At our local salvage yard in Fayetteville, GA, we purchase junk vehicles just like yours — dead, running, or somewhere in between.

Think your vehicle is the wrong make or model and that nobody in their right mind would spend money for it? We'll show you otherwise. We buy every type of vehicle out there, no matter its condition. Coupes, sedans, crossovers, pickups compact cars, vans, hatchbacks, SUVs — you have it, we want it. We aren’t picky about brands either. From BMW to Toyota, we buy it all. And Pick Your Part makes it easier than ever to sell your car in Fayetteville, GA. Start the process with an instant online quote today and see how much we'll pay you!

How Do I Sell My Car in Fayetteville, GA?

Wondering "Where's the best place to sell my car for cash today?" Your local Roberts Rd Pick Your Part has you covered. We buy thousands and thousands of used trucks, cars, and SUVs each year, regardless of condition. And our car selling process is designed to be straight-up easy — and lucrative. Begin with an instant online quote or call a friendly member of your team, who will provide a nice offer for your junk car.

After we double-check the information you provided, we’ll come take away your old car in Fayetteville, GA at no cost to you. You don't need to trouble yourself with organizing junk car removal on your own! Finally, we'll do a quick inspection and give you a check that you can cash. Our intention? Giving you the best deal for your old car while recycling and salvaging as many cars as we possibly can.

What Happens to My Car at the Fayetteville, GA Salvage Yard?

As the saying goes, one man's garbage is another man's treasure. When we buy a junk vehicle in Fayetteville, we take our job of salvaging it extremely seriously. We acknowledge even the the most damaged and old clunker can still hold true value.

Once we buy your car, we empty the fluids and recycle the fuel and motor oil. We then organize the vehicles in our junkyard by size and type. Finally, we help customers track down and buy used vehicle parts from our Fayetteville salvage yard. Visitors are welcome to bring their toolset and remove the parts they'd like to take home!

We're dedicated to offering discount-priced, used automotive parts to the DIYers who value a job well done and a penny saved. As a bonus, our Fayetteville, GA car recycling process has a positive impact on the environment by reducing the number of car parts in landfills. You can go green while making some green.

Don’t let that clunker commandeer garage or yard space that can be better used. Receive an instant quote today, and convert rust to cash at your Fayetteville Pick Your Part at 155 Roberts Rd..

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