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Why let your junk car sit in your driveway when you could get paid for it? Your local Orlando, FL buys old cars in any condition — even yours! Get an instant quote to see how much you could walk away with.

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Where Can I Sell My Junk Car Today in Orlando, FL?

Junk Car Removal If you're searching for the best junkyard to sell your old car in Orlando, look no further than Pick Your Part! We know your junk car is still worth something, regardless of how old, damaged, rusty, or run-down it might be. As a reputable salvage business, we offer the best price for your junk or scrap car. We have junkyard locations across the United States, and our customer-centered, ready-to-help staff is ready to coordinate a super simple sale for your junk vehicle in Orlando, FL. Give us a call today or request a quote online now to get started. Sell Your Car

PYP Has Junk Car Removal Service in Orlando, FL

When selling your junk car, you need to figure out how to get it from your Orlando home to the buyer, while risking interactions with random strangers and unreliable payment. When you sell your car to PYP, you don't have to worry about setting up the pick-up on your own. Pick Your Part not only pays generously for unwanted cars — we also provide no-cost junk car removal in Orlando and across the state of Florida! While other companies may make YOU foot the bill for removal of your junk car (actually!), we take a different approach to help you keep your cash where it belongs — in your pocket. Plus, you receive a check you can easily cash!

Why Choose Pick Your Part for Junk Car Removal in Orlando, FL?

We understand you've got a lot on your plate, and time is valuable. Besides being one of the best paying junk car removal services in Orlando and the surrounding area, PYP provides an instant price quote so you don't have to spend unnecessary time on selling your rust bucket. No need to wait around for a buyer or wade through small quotes and bargaining. If you need to get a big payday for a junk car right now in Orlando, Florida, PYP is here to help!

Our process is ridiculously simple and quick. You supply your car's details and condition to snag an instant quote. Once we confirm everything, we'll schedule a time to pick up your junk car. Once we perform a final inspection, we'll hand over a check for your unwanted car. We really made it that easy. No endless bargaining, and no hidden fees. Start your Orlando, FL junk car sale process with an instant online quote now!

Pick Your Part Gives the Best Payout for Your Junk Vehicle in Orlando, FL

Your junk car might not be a dime anymore, but that doesn't matter if it's worth a pretty penny! At your local Orlando Pick Your Part, we buy your junk car so we can sell its parts to DIY mechanics, car restorers, and vehicle repair professionals.

We ensure your old car is prepared for resale and remove and safely recycle the fluids. Then, we put it in our our scrapyard, which we organize by make, model, and year so vehicle parts can be easily found. Lastly, we help customers find the specific car that they need parts from. So, although you may not believe your car is worth much, someone else is looking for the valuable components waiting to be uncovered.

Interested in learning how much cash you could get for your junk vehicle in Orlando? Get an instant junk car quote today from Pick Your Part!

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