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Is your old car too expensive to fix but too beat up to sell? There’s another option — car recycling in Bradenton, Florida! Pick Your Part will buy your old clunker and recycle or resell its parts. Get a free estimate and see how much your car is worth.

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Where Can You Recycle Cars for Cash in Bradenton, Florida?

Recycle Your Car Do you want to go green and get some green? If you have an obsolete, wrecked, or overly high-maintenance ride, selling it to a vehicle recycling center in Bradenton, FL is an earth- and budget-conscious solution. At your nearest Pick Your Part, we pay for many different cars in a range of conditions every day. New, well-loved, or wrecked, we buy them and give new life to their bits and pieces. Sell Your Car

We recycle car parts according to Florida guidelines, resell the usable parts to other motorists, and flatten vehicle scrap metal for reuse! Even if your vehicle is rusted or won’t start, there's value hidden in its parts. So, what's stopping you from making some dough off your unwanted car in Bradenton? Request a quote today to learn how much we’ll pay for your old vehicle.

Go Green and Recycle Your Car in Bradenton, FL

You can sell your car to a random stranger on the street, or you can turn to a Bradenton salvage yard who specializes in junk car recycling. When you choose to recycle your vehicle in Bradenton, FL, we check it for recyclable and resellable parts and hand you a check based on its worth. Recycling your junked sedan, SUV, truck, van, or convertible isn’t only great for your bank account, but it helps the planet, too.

Once your vehicle is in our hands, we empty the fluids and safely recycle them to minimize the amount of engine oil and other harmful chemicals in the soil and waterways. After, we focus on the "reuse" part of reduce/reuse/recycle and sell any salvageable parts to motorists in Bradenton, FL who can use them for their DIY car projects. Seats spark plugs, belts, dash vents and more can all find a new, happy home. We help keep these parts out of landfills and put them in the hands of auto enthusiasts in need of affordable options.

We then gather the parts that aren't like damaged tires and batteries, and recycle them based on federal and Florida regulations to decrease the number of car parts impacting landfills. Once all but the metal has been removed, our salvage yard in Bradenton flattens the metal into microwave-sized cubes. We ship the metal to manufacturers who can recycle it into cans, household appliances, and even new cars or planes! You never know, you could even see your old car again as a soda can!

How Do We Recycle Your Car in Bradenton?

Your local PYP in Bradenton, FL purchases all kinds of vehicles daily, regardless of condition. Start by requesting a quote for your unwanted car either via our website or by giving us a call. We'll double-check all your info, pick up your car at no cost, and complete a final inspection. Once all that's taken care of, we'll write you a check and begin recycling your vehicle.

Ready to get paid for your old beater in Bradenton? Or need that old vehicle towed away at no cost in Florida? We have you covered with car recycling in Bradenton, FL. We're committed to the environment and the communities we serve, which makes us different from other salvage yards in the area. And, we’re among the highest-paying junk vehicle buyers, which means more cash in your wallet — ka-ching! Get an instant quote today.

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