Where Can I Sell My Old Car for Cash in Sun Valley, CA?

Are you sick of flushing money down the drain with an old, run-down car or truck? Pick Your Part in Sun Valley, CA will take that junker off your hands. Instead of throwing more money away, we'll write you a check!

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Should I Sell My Unwanted or Old Car to PYP in Sun Valley, CA?

Sell Your Old Car Just like your favorite pair of pants that don't quite fit anymore, sometimes it’s hard to make the call to let go of an old car. If you’re feeling wishy-washy about “Should I sell my old car or keep it?”, here are a few things to think about. Are you able to drive the car in Sun Valley now, or is it completely broken down? Some vehicle repairs, like head gaskets, the transmission, and more may cost more than your old car is worth. Even hail damage can hurt your wallet! Sell Your Car

Another factor to consider is whether or not you plan to take your car for cruises around Sun Valley. Is it rusting away, the engine destined to stay cold forever? Could cash in your pocket do something more useful, like buying that big-screen TV you’ve had your eye on? Get cash for your old car in Sun Valley, CA and take back your garage and yard.

Places to Sell an Old Car in Sun Valley, CA

In many cases, the easiest way to sell an old car is through folks like us — we’re happy to take it off your hands as is, whether that’s Sell that old car and get it out of your garage once and for all Don't waste a weekend day meeting up with a creepy stranger from an online marketplace.

With PYP, selling your old car in Sun Valley, CA is easy, any day of the week. You can get an instant quote online or over the phone. If you're ready to accept our top-dollar offer, we'll double-check your information and schedule a pick-up. Once we arrive at your Sun Valley door, we'll perform one last inspection and hand over your check. Your work is done – you can relax while we load up your old junker. Maybe you’ll be inspired to get rid of that old, lumpy recliner next.

Why Should You Sell Your Old Car to PYP in Sun Valley?

We've been doing this for more than 30 years! PYP leads North American efforts in recycling unwanted vehicles. We've been around the block more times than the rust bucket that you're trying to get rid of, so we've got more than a little experience in selling old cars. We help you get the most money out of your old car by forgoing middlemen and working directly with our own recycler. Then, we pass those savings on to you when we buy your old vehicle in Sun Valley, CA! You’ve spent years (maybe decades) with your car, and the cash in your pocket will make it easier.

From the gas, oil, and other fluids in your old car to the mercury switches, tires, and precious metals, Pick Your Part in Sun Valley, CA responsibly recycles everything! Salvageable parts are resold to DIYers working on their own project vehicles, while unusable parts are carefully recycled in accordance with California guidelines. Each and every piece of your old car will be handled with care by our experts and given new life — whether that's on a vehicle that a DIYer has brought back to life or as a recycled can that you might drink your favorite soda from.

So stop wondering, "where's the best place to sell an unwanted vehicle." Call Pick Your Part in Sun Valley, CA for a no-obligation quote, and have cash in your pocket today!

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