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Who Buys Scrap Cars in San Bernardino, CA?

Sell Your Scrap Car At your local LKQ Pick Your Part in San Bernardino, we pay cash for cars that don't run or look so hot anymore. That includes buying scrap cars just like yours! Not sure if your jalopy is a good candidate for scrapping? Scrap vehicles (also referred to as salvage cars and junk cars) have no chance of being road-worthy. Like zilch. They're too broken, damaged, or worn out to be used as working cars anymore. They're totally trashed! But they still have value to us. So how much is your car worth for scrap in San Bernardino? Get an instant quote now to view up-to-date California scrap car prices! You'll find that scrap cars are priced according to their recyclable metal and parts. Even if your junker looks more like trash than treasure, it's still full of hundreds of useful parts that could live on in other vehicles or be turned into new products. Plus, some scrap cars in San Bernardino are worth more than others depending on the make, model, year, and trim. Your vehicle's parts could be hard to come by! The quickest way to get pricing for your scrap car is to call our team or submit your information online. Sell Your Car

I'm Ready to Scrap My Broken Car in San Bernardino! What Now?

Great! Your San Bernardino LKQ Pick Your Part is one of the greatest spots to get rid of your scrap car in San Bernardino, CA and walk away with the most money in your pocket. We've bought and recycled scrap cars across the nation for more than 30 years. We make the process crazy easy!

Here's what the process typically looks like when scrapping your car in San Bernardino. Start by filling out this form. Share some details about where the car is located and the kind of vehicle. A quick note: It's alright if you can't find the car's title. If your state allows it, we might still be able to buy your scrap car for cash. Hit submit on the form, we'll verify it, and then we'll schedule your San Bernardino junk car removal pickup! And then we arrive at your place with a tow truck and hand you money!

Once your banged-up beater arrives at our San Bernardino salvage yard, every piece is recycled or reused. Some pieces are bought by drivers who are working hard to get their own cars back up and running. Other parts are recycled and turned into new products. And all the fluids in your vehicle? We don't toss them out in the trash. Your scrap car's fluids are removed and sent off to a business that specializes in refining and recycling automobile fluids. From bumper to bumper, everything in your scrap car is put to good use.

Get a Quote to Scrap My Car in San Bernardino, CA

Let us take care of that hunk of junk taking up space in your San Bernardino yard. We'll haul it off quickly and hand you cash for it. It's easy! You'll be left with peace of mind and a pile of dollar bills. Get your instant quote today and make money off of your broken down, unwanted, damaged, junk car! Maybe it looks like trash to you and your neighbors. But in our eyes? It's a treasure.

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