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Is your truck, car, or SUV worth less than the cost of repairing it? Fill out the online form for at-home pickup, or visit our car recycling company in Ontario, California. We’ll turn your totaled car into easy money.

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How to Get Paid for Recycling Your Car in Ontario, CA

Recycle Your Car Want to go green while making some green? If you have an old, damaged, or too-expensive-to-fix ride, selling it to a car recycling center in Ontario, CA is a budget- and eco-friendly alternative. At your nearest Pick Your Part, we pay for all sorts of cars in various conditions each day. New, previously owned, or wrecked, we purchase them and give them new life. Sell Your Car

We recycle car parts according to California guidelines, sell the usable components to DIYers, and compress the metal to be repurposed! Even if your vehicle is rusted or won’t start, there's value hidden in its parts. So, why not make cash off your unwanted car in Ontario? Get an instant quote and discover how much you can make off your vehicle.

Recycle Your Car in Ontario, CA and Help the Earth

You can let just any rando from the internet buy your car, or you can trust it with a Ontario salvage yard experienced in junk car recycling. When we buy your car to recycling it in Ontario, CA, we inspect it for recyclable and resellable parts and give you a check based on its value. Recycling your junked van, convertible, sedan, SUV, or truck doesn't only help your wallet, but it's good for our world, too.

Once your vehicle is at our junkyard, we remove the fluids and safely recycle them to minimize how much coolant and other harmful chemicals wind up in the waterways and soil. After, we put the “reuse” in reduce/reuse/recycle and sell any salvageable components to other car owners in Ontario, CA who need them to work on their DIY projects. Radios, heater cores, ashtrays, bumper covers, and more can all be given a new, loving home. We help prevent these parts from ending up in landfills and put them in the hands of auto enthusiasts who need more affordable options.

We then gather the parts that aren't like damaged tires and batteries, and recycle them according to California and federal guidelines to help minimize the environmental impact of abandoned cars. After everything but the metal has been removed, our junkyard in Ontario presses the metal into small blocks or sheets. We sell the metal to manufacturers who can recycle it into cans, industrial containers, and even new cars or planes! Who knows, you might meet your old car again someday as a can of soda!

What Does the Car Recycling Process in Ontario Look Like?

Your closest PYP in Ontario, CA routinely buys all kinds of cars from drivers like you, no matter what state the car is in. Begin by requesting a quote for your unwanted car either through our website or by phone. We’ll verify all your info, remove your car at no cost, and perform a final inspection. Once all the boxes have been checked, you'll get a check and we'll start recycling your vehicle.

Ready to make easy money off your vehicle in Ontario? Or need that old vehicle towed away at no cost in California? PYP has your back with our car recycling program in Ontario, CA. We're committed to the environment and the communities we serve, which helps us stand apart from other local salvage yards. Plus, we're among the top-paying junk vehicle buyers, which means more money for you — time to celebrate! Get a free quote today.

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