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Do good for the planet and your wallet when you recycle your junk car in Anaheim, CA. Pick Your Part will pay top dollar for your clunker and recycle its fluids and parts. Get a free quote today and see how much you can make!

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How to Get Paid for Recycling Your Car in Anaheim, CA

Recycle Your Car Do you want to go green and get some green? If you have an aging, crashed, or overly high-maintenance ride, selling it to a car recycling junkyard like ours in Anaheim, CA is the perfect solution. At your nearest Pick Your Part, we buy many different cars in all kinds of conditions every day. New, high-mileage, or junked, we purchase them and give them new life. Sell Your Car

We recycle car parts in line with California guidelines, sell the parts that can be used to DIYers, and crush vehicle scrap metal to be repurposed! Even if your vehicle is rusted or the engine won't crank, its parts contain hidden value. So, why not make cash off your junk car in Anaheim? Get a quote today and see how much your vehicle is worth.

Go Green and Recycle Your Car in Anaheim, CA

You can sell your car to a random stranger on the street, or you can turn to a Anaheim salvage yard who specializes in junk car recycling. When you choose to recycle your vehicle in Anaheim, CA, we check it for resellable and recyclable parts and write you a check based on its value. Recycling your junked SUV, truck, sedan, convertible, or van isn't only good for your bottom line, but it helps the planet, too.

Once your vehicle is at our junkyard, we remove the fluids and safely recycle them to reduce how much motor oil and other harmful chemicals end up in the soil and waterways. Next, we move onto the "reuse" part of reduce/reuse/recycle and sell any salvageable components to drivers in Anaheim, CA who can use them for their DIY car projects. Seats alternators, belts, grilles, and more can all find a new, happy home. We help stop these parts from ending up in a landfill and put them in the hands of auto enthusiasts searching for more affordable options.

We then take the parts that aren't like damaged batteries and tires, and recycle them according to California and federal guidelines to help reduce the impact of car materials in landfills. After everything but the metal has been taken care of, our salvage yard in Anaheim crushes the metal into sheets or squares. We sell the metal to manufacturers who can recycle it into cans, household appliances, and construction materials to grant it a second life. One day, you might meet your old car again as a can of juice!

How Does Recycling a Vehicle in Anaheim Work?

Your Anaheim, CA Pick Your Part buys all kinds of vehicles from owners like you on a daily basis, no matter what state the car is in. Begin by requesting a quote for your unwanted car either online or by giving us a call. We'll confirm your provided info, remove your car at no cost, and perform a final inspection. Once we tick all the boxes, you'll get a check and we'll start the car recycling process.

Ready to make easy money off your vehicle in Anaheim? Or need that old vehicle towed away at no cost in California? We have your back with our car recycling program in Anaheim, CA. Our dedication to our communities and the environment makes us stand out from other Anaheim area junkyards. Plus, we're among the top-paying junk vehicle buyers, which means more cash in your pocket — score! Get an instant quote today.

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