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Repairing your car doesn't have to cost a fortune. Take the DIY approach and visit PYP to find used car parts near you. A little elbow grease and PYP are all you need to get your ride performing good as new.

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Why Choose the Junkyard Approach When Looking for Used Car Parts in Huntsville, AL?

Buy Used Auto Parts Paying for repairs — and parts — can be costly. Opting to get parts from a Huntsville, AL junkyard (including Pick Your Part!) can be a better choice for your wallet AND the planet. Many of our cars suffered damage in an accident — or were completely "totaled". That means the car still has many parts that are still fully operational and can have plenty of life left once installed in your vehicle. Instead of tossing “junk” cars aside, we reuse every intact part, from steering wheels to shocks — and what can't be used is recycled or responsibly disposed of. It's a plus for the planet and your pocketbook! Sell Your Car

The Best Way to Get a Deal on Inexpensive Car Parts in Huntsville, AL

Maybe you first tried to take your car into your trusted Huntsville, AL body shop and the prices came back sky-high. So, you took your car to the "inexpensive" auto shop around Huntsville and where shocked to find that components don't live up to that "cheap" claim. What's your next move?

You can source the parts you'll need at our Huntsville Pick Your Part, whether you need a new bumper cover or need new headrests in your van. We help those with a DIY approach save money on parts and accessories by purchasing junked cars in Huntsville, AL and housing them on our lot.

For a low entrance fee, drivers and DIY mechanics can come into our lot and retrieve the parts or accessories they'll need to repair their cars in Huntsville. Check out our website to see if your part is in stock, or visit your local Pick Your Part in Huntsville to find a great deal on must-have car components like batteries, filters, and beyond.

What's In-Stock: Used Car Parts & Accessories in Huntsville, AL

Interested in seeing what used car parts are in stock in Huntsville, AL? At your local DIY junkyard, we update vehicle availability on the regular, which means you'll be able to check and make sure we the parts or accessories you're looking for ahead of your trip.

Our lot has many makes, trims, and models, so locating and sourcing used parts in Huntsville, AL is fast and painless. We have used auto accessories and body parts, too, in the event your sports car needs a new fender or you're looking to avoid much more than you expected for a new back hatch.

Balding tires? Get the best deals on used tires in Huntsville, AL for your crossover, car, truck, or SUV at Pick Your Part. Tired of asking strangers for jump-starts? Walk away with used premium batteries in Huntsville, AL with slashed price tags. Breathe new life into your engine with discounted replacement parts. Grab your toolbox to our DIY salvage yard and find what you need, whether it be Bluetooth radios and used windows to premium used tires and rims.

Head to PYP to Sell or Buy Used Car Parts in Huntsville, AL

On the hunt for a used car part that fits your vehicle? Use our site to search for your part, then come by your local Huntsville PYP salvage yard to pick your part. Make a confident purchase thanks to our optional 90-Day Worry-Free Guarantee. You'll be able to exchange your auto part within a 90-day timeframe if your part doesn't fit, you buy the wrong part, or it won't work right for a full refund.*

We don't stop at selling used car parts in Huntsville, AL. We'll pay drivers for their cars —  whether it's new, old, or totaled. Fill out our form online to get a no-obligation quote and see how much Pick Your Part in Huntsville will pay for your car.

*The 90-Day Worry-Free Guarantee is optional and must be purchased to apply. You must present the original receipt dated 90-days or less which shows the purchase of the 90-Day Worry-Free Guarantee, and the auto part must be marked. Be sure your auto parts are marked at the time of purchase. Ask an LKQ Pick Your Part associate for more information.

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